P9500 Innovative LS-S SHELL Dynamic Support



▲P9500, a footwear featuring a sense of speed.


In upcoming 2020, VICTOR is launching an all-new stability footwear—P9500.

As a stability-oriented footwear, P9500 not only features a sense of speed, but also focuses on helping top badminton players achieve higher goals with its stability, comfort, and lightweightness.


▲Draft design of P9500, with LS-S SHELL built in the middle of the sole.


LS-S SHELL Innovative Structure

LS-S is VICTOR’s exclusive Dynamic Support technology, and SHELL is an innovative structure that’s firstly introduced in VICTOR’s footwear. LS-S SHELL is seen as the largest and the most comfortable lateral stability system ever among VICTOR’s footwear series. LS-S SHELL creates softshell-like protection by integrating TPU film with midsole to provide support against the impact during intense strides and lateral moves in badminton. After continuous fitting and testing, LS-S SHELL has won an unanimous praise for its comfortable wearing experience and the smoothness it brings to every movement.


▲How LS-S SHELL is different from the previous models—the height and move position are adjusted.


One-Piece Comfortable Upper Structure

The upper material makes a huge difference on the wearing experience, and it also determines the foot fit, comfort, flexibility, and stability performance of the upper. VICTOR has developed various upper materials along the way, but it’s found that some of the players still prefer the wearing experience and foot fit brought by PU material. To enhance the comfort of PU material, VICTOR has come up with a one-piece upper to improve wearing experience.

The one-piece design achieves three advantages as follows:

1.Without sewing lines, the wearing experience can be more comfortable.

2.The shoes can fit the feet better, enabling smoother flexibility.

3.The absence of layered pieces greatly lightens the shoes and provides incredible stability and foot fit.


To improve the breathability for long-time wearing, VICTOR first adopts large-scale and highly-dense laser perforated technology on PU upper, which not only achieves breathability and durability, but also levels up the style of the supper.



▲One-piece upper with breathable holes made by laser perforated technology.


Race track-style Design

VICTOR aims to build a stability footwear with a sense of speed. This ambition can be seen from the race track-style design of the parallel bars on the bottom, making P9500 a sharp weapon that can help players take the crown.



The first launch of P9500 comes in three trendy colors: Q(Sparkling Cosmo), F(Brilliant Blue), G(Neon green).