Believe in the sweat. Believe in every swing.

You are the only one that understands the hard work you paid and the bittersweet from setbacks and gains.

No matter how long it takes.
No matter how hard it gets.

Make it count.




VICTOR launches 2020 Brand Campaign “Every Shot Counts”, the key concept is to pay tribute to the hard work of the players for chasing their goals and dreams.


Combining the unique data of respective players, such as important years, flying distance, records and so on, we try to present their countless effort throughout the way. It highlights the spirit that “in the process of pursuing the goal, the wins and losses, ups and downs are all meaningful to make the one you are. As long as you make up your mind and go all out, everything you’ve strived is valuable.”


Following the impressive breakthrough and achievements in 2019, Team VICTOR will keep up the fearless performance and create new chapters in 2020.



Never compare, neither to compromise.

Persevere in the belief of being who she is.


----- Tai Tzu Ying



Ordinary is not an option. Strive to be the next one.


----- Anders Antonsen



Keep the passion, keep the motivation.

Keep fighting till the destination.


----- Apriyani Rahayu / Greysia Polii



Step on court not only for the flag, but also making a name for himself.

Embrace the pressure and expectation.


----- Lee Zii Jia



Different partners, different lessons.

The determination remains the same.


----- Lee Yang



No matter leap or fall, stay firm to face the challenges together.


----- Shevon Jemie Lai / Goh Soon Huat



Endless energy is the best policy.

Think boldly, take decisive actions.


----- Soh Wooi Yik / Aaron Chia



Train hard, play harder, try the very best to relish the remarkable journey.


----- Wang Tzu Wei