P8500II—The Legend Rises Again with Upgraded Stability


【By Diana, VICTOR Shoes Product R&D】

P8500II not only features all the signature elements of VICTOR P8500, P8500ACE, and P8510, including the eye-catching tri-claw design and unique ankle protection system, but it also comes equipped with an upgraded full-foot HYPEREVA midsole to take the classic model to a whole new level. Many elite players, including Indonesian legendary men's doubles player Mohammad Ahsan, Malaysian mixed doubles players Goh Soon Huat, Shevon Jemie Lai, and Tan Kian Meng, have all chosen P8500II as their game shoes for 2023.


Strengthened Claws to Reinforce Lateral Stability

The classic lateral tri-claw design of P8500 is further upgraded in the latest P8500II to provide wider protection and greater support. The 3D tri-claw design has a golden-lacquered finish that will surely steal the spotlight on the court.


Wider Use of HYPEREVA, Excelling Wearing Experience

P8500II is the first model that expands the use of HYPEREVA. Now not only the midsole but also the heel cushion is made with HYPEREVA to allow wearers to enjoy its lightness, softness, and elasticity every time they land.


Classic Passed On with Upgraded Ankle Protection

The ankle area keeps the structural design of the previous generation but offers an enhancement to the fitting of the shoes. The molded geometric patterns are not only an aesthetic choice but also work as a boost to the support around the ankle to help avoid sports injuries.


P8500II is well acclaimed by many elite players. "P8500II is light, elastic, and provides a great fit and excellent support, allowing me to jump without worries and make quick returns," said Mohammad Ahsan, Indonesian legendary men's doubles player.


Introduced with innovative materials and design concepts, P8500II pays tribute to the classic model with enhanced features and wearing experience. P8500II is released with three colors – Racing Red, Pearly White, and Carbon Fiber Black.