2016 Futuristic New Jerseys for the Malaysia National Badminton Team


VICTOR has officially announced a long term partnership with the Malaysia National Badminton Team in March 2015.

The Malaysia National Badminton Team is one of the best badminton teams in the world. The men’s team has an impressive track record, playing for 14 times at the finals of the Thomas Cup and winning the championshipfor 5 times. 

For 2016, the VICTOR Design Group has chosen futuristic elements and new materials to give the Malaysia Badminton Team a fresh and high tech look and excellcent performance. 

<MEN'S  T-6002>                                            <WOMEN'S  T-6102>    

T-6002 ECT-6002 OCT-6102 ECT-6102 OC

To give it a futuristic look, VICTOR has combined prints with dots in gradient mesh to symbolize flowing movement. Also, for the athletes’ comfort, VICTOR has chosen breathable fabrics that can quickly draw moisture away to keep the skin dry and cool while the athletes swing away for their scores on the court.

VICTOR has also launched a crew neck sleeveless tee for the MalaysiaBadmintonTeam which allows for more freedom in movement.

 <MEN'S  T-6003> 

T-6003 EC

We call all look forward to the excellent performance of the Malaysia Badminton Team while they play at the 2016 All England Open Badminton Championships in the new uniforms. 

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