Kinesio Taping:Case study (1)

Kinesio Taping is protective item that has been widely used by sportsmen and women in the last few years, including VICTOR stars (see Picture. 1)


Picture 1: Chen Wen hsing used Kinesio Taping at the London Olympics


Kinesio Taiping of the Biceps Brachii as shown in Picture 2 :


Applying the tape on the Biceps Brachii of the racket hand provides support to and protects the muscle as it is repeatedly and quickly contracted.


  1. Sat down, with the elbow hanging straight down naturally, apply the base of Y-shaped tape to the lower part of the elbow. (circled in red)
  2. Keeping the tape taut, stick it along the muscle belly to the center of the shoulder (blue circle) to complete the application process.


Picture 2:Biceps Brachii Kinesio Taping


Kinesio Taping the knee joint as shown in Picture 3:


Applying tape to the knee joint provides support to and protects the knee as you move quickly in all directions.


Red tape:

  1. Sat down, with the knees bent slightly, apply the base of Y-shaped tape under the patella. (red circle)
  2.  Put the tape slightly so it is taut  and then apply it upwards  to cover the patella

Skin color tape:

  1. Sat down, with legs straight, apply the base of X-shaped tape to the back of the knee.
  2. Bring the tape round the outside and inside of the knee (following the yellow arrows) to cover the patella.


Picture 3:Knee Joint Kinesio Taping

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