Craftsmen of Badminton | Leading The Pace - Xiong Guo-Sheng

“My job is to come up with brilliant ideas, and to create new trends for the world to follow.” –  Xiong Guo-Sheng, Badminton Shoe Designer


Art designers are usually portrayed as somehow unrealistic and romantic type of character. However, science people focus more on facts, logics, and reality. Xiong Guo-Sheng, head shoe designer at VICTOR, might shatter that stereotype.


Xiong’s father was a furniture designer, which influenced his interest in product designing at a young age. He began his transition into the badminton industry by designing stringing machines and badminton shoes when he joined VICTOR in 2009 and gradually put his focus on footwear. Xiong has led the designer team to complete a number of difficult missions in the past 8 years.



Speed is a huge strength in badminton. Aside from the skill and athleticism, equipment also plays an important role to player’s performance. An old Chinese proverb says, “To do things well, you need good tools.” A pair of good shoes will lead the path of victory.


Shoe design requires cooperation between multiple departments. Before throwing new models into the market, the product team will collect market information. They will select the most applicable material and manufacturing process for each idea and prototype. Function and performance are equally important with how a shoe looks. Shock absorption, fit, stability and comfort are the things to concern, and those cause more restrictions compared to design of an everyday shoe.



“The process ain’t easy. A professional shoe designer does not just add whatever fantastic elements to the product. Everything has to be reasonable, and based on market demand,” said Xiong. “The purpose of design is to enhance the functional features according to customer’s habits with cool shapes and colors. We also customize shoes for individual professional players. Our designers will meet the athletes, measure their feet, and make a pair of badminton shoes that fit them the best.”



The development of a sports shoe designer takes additional years. “The best thing about working at VICTOR is that you can learn and grow with a team. There are not many Taiwanese sports brands or designers, and badminton shoes are notably exclusive,” said Xiong. “Being a shoe designer in an international company can be stressful, but it’s fun and rewardingat the same time to put on something that you’re so proud of.My favorite part is competing with other firms, especially when other shoemakers try to replicate my design.” When he sees athletes wearing his shoes or when they become popular sellers, no word can describe his excitement.



Other than planning product designs, Xiong also has to lead and train the new blood. “The first lesson to new designers is to read the market. How do you ensure your product to be functional and appealing at the same time? That would require strong observation and a lot of communications,” said Xiong. He always looks for new ideas to ensure his spring of creativity to stand a place in this competitive market. With legitimate logic and creative design, Xiong has set up an ambitious goal in this business. “VICTOR has always been good at researching the customers’ demand on shoes. They’ve done great help. So my job is to come up with brilliant ideas, and create new trends for the world to follow.”