Craftsmen of Badminton | Carrying On The Traditions - Cheng Hsing-Wang

“Every VICTOR racket must be flawless from my hand. That’s how I should respond to the support, love, and trust from our customers.” –  Cheng Hsing-Wang, Senior Racket Craftsman


In VICTOR’s racket factory, there is a hard-working man who always starts working earlier than anyone else for decades. He is Cheng Hsing-Wang (people love to call him by nickname “Wang Ge”), a veteran racket craftsman who has been working with VICTOR since 1981. In over 30 years, he has witnessed every history of the growth of VICTOR, from its early beginning as a shuttlecock maker to now a globally renowned and recognized badminton brand. He has experienced the shift in materials and techniques throughout generations and knows everything about how to make a quality badminton racket.



Emphasis on improving products has always been important to VICTOR. Better material and production process result in great advancement on racket manufacturing. Back in the days, aluminum was the most common racket material, which, through quenching and module assembling, became one of the most fashionable sports items back then. VICTOR invented one-piece carbon fiber rackets, which featured lighter weight and better elasticity. It gave athletes and customers a new experience, and had become the most common material for rackets. “We’re very excited that our products were instantly accepted and liked by the customers.  Especially with all the effort and hard-works we put into everything,” said Cheng. The design of every VICTOR product is based on prospective demands of the market, and new technology is the magic to satisfy our customers.



Crafting a badminton racket is extremely convoluted. Even the smallest error during the procedure may ruin the output. Therefore, procedures and tests need to be set out with the highest standards. Cheng’s admirable work ethic and passion easily inspired his team to always go beyond. “I care even more about details. Every single step has to be done right to maintain quality.” Quality is always Cheng’s best concern. He precisely examined every process, resolved and fixed every issue, then finally certified the product when it met his high standard. “Every VICTOR racket must be flawless from my hand. That’s how I should respond to the support, love, and trust from our customers.”



If the researchers and designers are the soldiers at the frontline, a craftsman like Cheng would be the most solid back-up support to the VICTOR squad. “Again, quality is the most important. It is not just about the product itself. It represents VICTOR. It represents me,” Cheng emphasized. “We have the responsibility to ensure that everything is perfect.” Despite constant changes in environment, Cheng always stick to his belief over his job with dignity. His perseverance and dedication make him a role model of VICTOR’s employees. “My coworkers are like my family. We have been working together for such a  long time,” said Cheng. “I hope that more people join us. Hopefully someone will inherit my skills and create the best racket in the world with us.”



Cheng fervently hopes that his rackets could go into everyone’s hand. That’s his proudest and ultimate goal. “When people show genuine smiles holding my VICTOR rackets, that’s when I feel most proud,” he said. Having been in the VICTOR family for more than ten thousand days, Cheng still got the fire burning in his eyes. His high standard will continue to assure the highest quality pieces that are coming out from VICTOR racket factory.