Badminton court etiquette

Most players are very keen to improve their badminton ability, so the Training section of VICTOR Badminton Coaching is very popular. However, the sport has another important point that is easily overlooked by players, that is ‘court etiquette’!
Badminton court etiquetteMake new friends at the badminton court
VICTOR has compiled 16 points for attention on the court; although there are no written instructions or set mandatory rules, however, following these points of etiquette will help you have more enjoyment when you play and also make friends on court!
1. Attire: clean and tidy sports clothes must be worn.
2. Don’t make noises that will disturb your opponent during a match.
3. When sides of the court are exchanged, don’t go under the net.
4. Picking up the shuttlecock:Initiatively pick up the shuttlecock when it lands in your half of the court and pass it back to your opponent in a friendly way
5. When returning a shuttlecock that has landed on court back to your opponent don’t hit it under the net.
6. The referee’s decisions should be respected;if you have an objection, follow procedure and request the assistance of your coach and the head referee.
7. In a formal match, don’t play a return shot or tease if your opponent’s shot is clearly out of bounds.
8. If you opponent is unhappy with the shuttlecock and asks to change it there is no need to refuse; if the opponent asks for repeated changes for no reason the referee will intervene.
9. Do not receive instruction from the sidelines when a match is in progress.
10. When a match ends, whether you win or lose you should shake hands with your opponent, as well as with the referee to show gratitude.
11. When serving, make sure your opponent is ready.
12. When a smash hits your opponent or a point is gained in a lucky way (by hitting the net and still going over for example,) make a respectful gesture towards your opponent.
13. Take at least a tube of shuttlecocks: When some players go to a badminton hall or club to play they habitually don’t take their own shuttlecocks and depend on others to provide them. This is a little impolite and takes advantage of others unless the venue supplies shuttlecock.
14. If a shuttlecock is hit onto another court, make a respectful gesture to the other players and wait until they have stopped playing to retrieve it. 
15. When passing by any court, a distance from it of at least one step should be maintained. This will not only keep you safe it also shows respect for the players on court.
Enjoy your badminton time
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