The Supercritical Nitrogen Foaming Technology Behind A970NitroLite


【By Diana, VICTOR Shoes Product R&D】


A970 series, the embodiment of All-Around badminton footwear, has undergone a remarkable upgrade and is now welcoming the new addition of the revolutionary A970NitroLite! Building upon the original features of comfort and protection, A970NitroLite is further incorporated with NitroLite Technology, enabling the ultimate shock-absorption and an unparalleled bounce wearing experience.

International players Lee Zii Jia, Anders Antonsen, and Nishimoto Kenta from Team VICTOR have started to play with A970NitroLite on the court. "As soon as I put on A970NitroLite, I can feel the lightweight and resilient nature of the shoes. They also help me launch faster and swiftly return to my position, getting ready to make the next play," said Lee Zii Jia.


The Innovative NitroLite Technology NitroLite

A970NitroLite is crafted with an innovative approach. It involves impregnating high-performance EVA embryos with N2 to fill them with supercritical N2. Rapid expansion is achieved by converting the N2 in the embryos back into a gas through pressure differences. This method creates lightweightness and fine pores, resulting in a stronger structure after molding and shaping compared to traditional foaming technology. Moreover, this foaming process eliminates the need for traditional chemical foaming agents, making the product even more eco-friendly.


Groundbreaking Midsole Material

The NitroLite Midsole not only lightens the footwear but also enhances the resilient wearing experience and durability.

Teamed with E-TPU in the heel area, the NitroLite Midsole transforms absorbed shock energy into rebound power, enabling swift launches and rapid readiness for the next play.

Danish men's singles player Anders Antonsen commented, "A970NitroLite provides excellent support for every move on the court. The shoes are lightweight and soft, allowing effortless jumps and quick returns."


Perfect Combination of Support and Protection

A970NitroLite maintains the original design of the series, featuring Microfiber PU leather upper, Heel protection tab, and 3D heel support system. This combination offers comfortable support and protection for badminton footwork, significantly reducing the risk of sports injuries.

A970NitroLite is available in two striking color schemes: "Hawaii Blue/Black" and "Pearl White." The former features an interplay of black and various shades of blue, accentuated with a laser luster and optically variable gradient, taking the visual appeal to a whole new level. The latter combines pearl white with light blue, complemented by a light blue laser film that shines different colors as the angle changes, exuding a subtle yet captivating charm on the court.


Japanese men's singles player Nishimoto Kenta said, "The white-blue color scheme, along with the rainbow lustre from the laser film, exudes a low-key yet eye-catching allure. These shoes are comfortable, light, and resilient, enhancing the smoothness of my footwork."

The introduction of the innovative NitroLite technology makes the beloved A970 series faster, softer, more rebound performance, and even more eco-friendly, while maintaining its hallmark comfortable protection and stable support. Slip into the latest A970NitroLite now and get READY TO WIN with Team VICTOR!