C-2060 F/ C-SP310 D

  1. Product Spec


C-2060 F:Nylon85%+Rubber15%
C-SP310 D:Polyester18%+S.Cafe 64%+Lycra fiber15%+Elastic fiber3%


C-2060 F:10cmX8cm
C-SP310 D:pair / Free size

Product Details

Iron Man calf compression sleeves

The calf sleeves are designed with Iron Man as the seamless compressions tightly wrap the calf muscles to show steel-like protection. The quick-drying Polyester material (coffee yarn) is also used to reduce the sticky discomfort after exercise.

Captain Marvel wristband

The wristband is inspired by Captain Marvel, adopting pressurized-elastic materials and providing good wrapping and sweat-absorbing effect.