SP205 A

SP205 A

Antibiotic and Odourless

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The antibiotic and odourless capability of VICTOR's fabrics restrian bacteria caused by perspiration that remain in the fabric,helping  to reduce gamey smells for a more airy atomsphere.

Prevent clothes in the dry climate produce static, prevent clothes sticky body, make clothes to wear soft and comfortable.

Select high-quality VICTOR DynaSpan high tension fabrics weaved with spandex elatic fibre to enjoy more comfortable and uninhibited play.

Regardless of your sport, wearing Perfect DRY fiber will help you feel fresh and comfortable. The structure of VICTOR Perfect DRY fiber absorbs and transmits sweat from the core, dries fabric quickly, emits heat and takes in cooler outer air to keep skin dry.




92% Nylon + 8% Spandex