Badminton warm-up and warm-down(3):Upper body static stretching

When we play badminton we don’t just need our lower body to allow us to shuffle-step quickly around the court, we also need a powerful strike to play well.

The upper muscle groups that allow us to strike the shuttlecock powerfully are the neck muscles, the chest muscles,


The main upper body muscle groups used in badminton


Today, we will introduce upper body static stretches. You should remember to breathe when doing the movements and maintain each stretch for at least 10 seconds, doing each movement 2-3 times. Be careful not to stretch to an extent that causes you discomfort.


1. Neck muscles side stretch

Neck muscles side stretch(side view)  


                   Neck muscles side stretch(front view)

  • Eyes look straight ahead, hands behind back.
  • Tilt the head to one side and move it towards the shoulder, without lifting up the shoulder.


2. Straight arm shoulder stretch

Straight arm shoulder stretch

  • Stand straight, don’t rock from side to side.
  • The right arm is straight and kept parallel to the floor.
  • The left arm hooks the right elbow and pulls it towards the chest. 
  • Right and left arms should be stretched alternately.


3. Crossed arm shoulder stretch 

   Crossed arm shoulder stretch (front view)    


Crossed arm shoulder stretch(back view)


  • Stand up straight, arms across the chest, hands as close to the scapulas as possible.
  • Slowly push the shoulders forward to  stretch the scapulas.


4.Deltoid and pectoral muscle stretch 

                  Deltoid stretch(front view)              


Deltoid stretch (back view)


  • Stand straight, don’t rock from side to side.
  • Interlink the fingers, bend the elbows and press the interlinked hands on the back of the head  to stretch the deltoids.
  • Raise the interlinked hands above the head to stretch the pectorals.


5. Chest muscle stretch 


           Chest muscle stretch (side view)


Chest muscle stretch  (back view)


  • Stand straight, interlink the hands behind the back and raise the arms slowly.
  • As the arms are raised the body should stay balanced and shouldn’t tilt forward.


6.Upper arm (triceps) stretch 

Triceps stretch(back view)

  • Done standing, keep the body balanced, don’t sway from left to right.
  • Put the left hand on the back of the neck, with the left elbow facing upwards.
  • Push the left elbow down gently with the right hand to stretch the triceps. Stretch left and right arms alternately.


7.Wrist stretch(1)

Wrist stretch (front view)  


Wrist stretch  (back view)

  • Interlink the hands, and gradually straighten the arms out, palms facingoutwards.
  • Stretch the arms forward, pushing the palms outwards.


8.Wrist stretch (2)

Standing calf muscle stretch (back view)


Standing calf muscle stretch (side view)


  • Keep the body balanced, don’t sway from side to side.
  • Stretch the right hand out in front, palm facing up, slowly pull the fingers towards the body with the left hand, keeping the right arm straight. The movement should be done slowly and not forced.         

( Edit by VICTOR Badminton )