A Guide to Shoe Last

(by Footwear R&D, Renee)

We are all familiar with the saying that goes, “Dating someone wrong is like wearing shoes that do not fit”.

As you may have already noticed, VICTOR has a badminton footwear dedicated shoe last system. In order to cater to customers of different foot shapes, VICTOR offers two different lasts, the U-Shape last and the V-Shape last. The two types are further categorized into narrow last, standard last and wide last.

As a badminton player, other than colors and features in appearances that appeal to your tastes, you must remember to choose the type of last that best suits your feet so that your footwork can be as smooth as possible during the games.

What distinguishes male foot shape and female foot shape? According to studies on gender differences in foot shape, there is apparently a big difference. From the foot models, we can see that the female forefoot and heel are relatively narrower, and the instep is lower compared with that of the male of the same foot size. The evidence shows that men and women require different shoe lasts.

Foot model simulation

Bearing in mind the importance of a suitable shoe last for female badminton enthusiasts, VICTOR’s R&D Team developed a female dedicated shoe last in 2018 with a special mark that specifies the gender. S81F is introduced shortly after, offering a better option for women on the badminton court to feel lighter and more agile with their steps!

Photo: S81F a women’s professional badminton footwear, is launched in the Spring and Summer Collection of 2018


【VICTOR’s shoe last marks and specifications】


Now that you have learned to choose for badminton footwear based on your foot shape, sole width and shoe capacity, remember to look for the label that specifies shoe last next time when you are searching for your Mr. Right/ Ms. Right!