The ROK team wearing new style COOLMAX badminton shirts at the Sudirman Cup
The Sudirman Cup 2013 is being held from May 19 to May 26 in Kula Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. There are 32 teams, with 12 seeded teams, competing for this coveted mixed doubles trophy.
In the last 12 world mixed double championships, the ROK has taken the title three times. For this year’s Sudirman Cup, the ROK has sent out its top pairs. What “battle dress” is the ROK team wearing for this tournament?
Lee Yong Dae/ Ko Sung Hyun
Lee Yong Dae/ Ko Sung Hyun are wearing the T-3500F shirt
ACTIVE grade COOLMAX garment technology 
Sports clothes these days widely use moisture management technology, for example there is a large demand for moisture management and breathable clothes from outdoor enthusiasts and climbers. This kind of garment uses COOLMAX moisture management fiber, through four channel fiber the sweat and vapor produced during exercise is rapidly guided away from the surface of the skin, maintaining a comfortable feeling and vitality.
Coolmax on the market is divided into three types by fiber content: EXTREME grade has at least 85%, ACTIVE grade has over 5-% and EVERDAYCOOLMAX has 35% .
The shirts VICTOR has brought out for the Sudirman Cup are made using ACTIVE grade COOLMAX and, like the ROK team’s competition shirts for the London Olympics, they have excellent moisture management effect, are light and comfortable to wear and breathable; they also use Germany’s  Rudolf anti-bacteria and odor-elimination technology, effectively suppressing the smell of sweat that is caused by bacterial growth after sweating during exercise.
Garment technology that is comfortable and effective lets the players who are wearing the “Sudirman Cup shirts” play in comfort and focus all their efforts on the match! 
Intercrossed lines like shimmering ripples
Taking into account the characteristics of badminton, VICTOR has specially designed an intercrossed diagonal line pattern competition shirt for the ROK team, aiming to create a style that has a speed and technology feel. The shirts aren’t just comfortable when worn, the layers of lines create a neat and fashionable feel. These are the Sudirman Cup competition shirts.
T3501_badminton shirt
The back and sides of the Sudirman Cup competition shirts have mesh fabric and jacquard weave, effectively reducing the weight of the shirt and increasing breathability, and adding visual layers. 
Sleeveless style has three color schemes to choose from
To meet the different needs of consumers VICTOR has brought out competition editions and promotional editions of the shirts. The promotional edition has the same design style as the competition edition, meeting the needs of badminton lovers and fans of the ROK team, and, likewise, uses PERFECTDRY moisture management fiber fabric that is anti-bacteria,anti-odor and anti-static electricity; taking into account the habits of different uses, a sleeveless round collar t-shirt competition edition shirt style is also offered, reducing the feeling of being restricted and dissipating heat better. 
T3500 badminton cloth
Also, to allow consumers to choose color they like and express their personal style  VICTOR has brought out three color schemes to choose from: bright yellow, sapphire blue and rose red.
Who is wearing VICTOR’s fashionable shirts at the Sudirman Cup
Men’s Single: Lee Dong Keun
Women’s singles: Sung Ji Hyun
Women’s doubles: Jung Kyung Eun/ Kim Ha Na
Mixed doubles: Shin Baek Choel/ Jang Ye Na,  Ko Sung Hyun/ Kim Ha Na
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Lee Yong Dae
Lee Yong Dae is wearing the “Sudirman Cup shirts” T3500
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