Wear It, Stunning on The Court. SH-P9200


VICTOR, the leading badminton brand, launches professional badminton shoes SH-P9200 in January 2016.Which is upgraded both protection and comfort to the feet. Shin Baek Choel, the top Korean player, also chooses SH-P9200 as his best partner.




SH-P9200 features comprehensive function:

New Midsole Structure

NEO DUPLEX, the concept is inputted the midsole structure. The new concept of midsole is the separated structure which strengthen the new function from front and back. It’s the brand new design in the midsole.

New Midsole Structure

Front Midsole: Light Resilient EVA Midsole  /  Back Midsole: Light Shock-Absorbing EVA


New Microfiber used on the shoe upper to achieve a better resilience. In order to enhance protection, the new concept lines design of outsole integrates the function and direction. The new outsole increases in slip-resistant performance on stepping land by 14% and in gripping the land performance on changing direction by 6%.

ENERGYMAX3.0, a highly elastic material that increases rebound ability by 22% and improves shock absorption by 6% during powerful impact.

That’s why SH-P9200 is the best choice for supporting badminton shoe!


SH-P9200 DG


New Upper Material


Shin Baek Choel, the top Korean player in men’s double, He is very impressed by its protection. The comfort and protection of SH-P9200 will be consumer's powerful advantages. Wear SH-P9200, you will be the star on the court.

Shin Baek Choel© Badmintonphoto


SH-P9200 is your top choice for this year!

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Stunning on the court!



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