Crown Collection 2019
Continuation and Challenges for Tai Tzu Ying


Following the widely-welcome Crown Collection inspired by World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying last year, the evolutionary version Crown Collection 2019 makes official appearance today. Tai will debut with the new tournament apparel at Malaysia Open next week.


Being fierce and strong on court while adorable and attractive off court, it’s genuine Tai Tzu Ying, who hold numerous records and distinctive personality. Crown Collection 2019 not only pays tribute to the Queen’s dominant performance, but also conveys the true-to-herself spirit.



Crown Collection is the apparel series inspired by the Queen Tai Tzu Ying. The groundbreaking version adopted bold and contrast colors to echo her diverse glamour. As the second edition, Crown Collection 2019 brings in more fashionable elements and delicate crafts to set off her achievements.


On one hand, the stylish Tawny Port red well explained her modesty, the additional Mazarine Blue and black meet various choices. On the other hand, microfiber jacquard fabric is applied for more possibilities to present the details and patterns, the environmentally friendly recycling materials offer lightweight, comfort, and fast drying as well.


For the Queen, tournament apparel is not merely the display of personal images. “I have high standard of what I wear on court,” said Tai, “they are same important as my racket and shoes.” She further explained that the type and texture do matter.



Changes exist other than the apparel, Tai tried different styles such as hair extension and braid in featured photos. She quite enjoyed, “it’s my first attempt of trendy and hip-hop style, I like it very much!”


The tournament apparel of Crown Collection 2019 will be available globally in mid-April, and the casual series will follow up soon in May. Tai is going to present the series with a special guest, ready for more surprises!


There will be compact tournaments next on for Tai, including Malaysia Open and Singapore Open, not to mention the rankings tour toward the Olympic Games 2020. More, she is currently the strongest candidate to rewrite the record remaining as women’s singles World No.1.



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[Launch in April]
Crown Collection 2019Tournament Sleeveless ─ SV-3903 D
Crown Collection 2019 Tournament Shorts ─ R-3961 D

[Launch in May]
Crown Collection 2019 Jacket ─ J-3971 BD
Crown Collection 2019 Badminton Shoes ─ SH-P9200 DA
Crown Collection 2019 Racket Bag ─ BR9208 B
Crown Collection 2019 Shoe Bag ─ BG1305 DA
Crown Collection 2019 Towel ─ C-4160
Crown Collection 2019 Socks ─ C-5061 DC-5061 B