In recent years, VICTOR has been dedicated to getting in line with casual sports fashion and bringing more energy to badminton equipment. On the basis of professional gear, VICTOR also actively seek for breakthrough in apparel, such as developing the widely acclaimed Crown Collection, the series inspired by World No.1 Tai Tzu Ying.


Following the Queen’s personalities and design concept of first edition, Crown Collection 2019 comes in with more surprises. The new series not only enhance the crafts, but also further introduce diverse items.



Crown Collection 2019 incorporates stylish colors and classic elements like geometric lines. The differences can be told from key visuals as well, which bring in Tawny Port and Mazarine Blue to go with strong images, and bring out the lively atmosphere by irregular collage.


Through new tailoring and design patterns, casual series keep the sporty style and create retro fashion at the same time. They allow more possibilities of fitting and variety of choices for different occasions.



More, the series apply microfiber jacquard fabric and functional fabrics, featuring lightweight, comfort, and quick drying. In addition to tournament apparels, casual items such as knitted jacket, leggings, and cap are all suitable for daily wear.


Tai Tzu Ying interprets her unique attitude by interesting mix and match. Get some cool accessories and present your own style with Crown Collection 2019 too!


Crown Collection 2019 series lineup