A950—Born to Bring Supreme Comfort


【By Diana, VICTOR Footwear Product R&D】


With large use of Tough Microfiber PU Leather, the most abundant shoe-last designs, as well as lightweight midsole, A950 is born to bring superb comfort to wearers.



Each upper has its specific characteristics. PU leather is relatively complicated to manufacture, yet it’s been enjoying popularity among badminton players because it brings not only support but also soft and tough without the help from extra technologies. There’s a great variety of PU leathers. After a thorough testing on different kinds of Microfiber PU Leather, A950 takes Tough Microfiber PU Leather as the best suit for professional competitive badminton shoes. The PU leather VICTOR has chosen offers excellent support, and it’s also more fitting and softer than the traditional one, which can reduce the discomfort caused by leather wrinkles when bending.



As all the players know, shoes with a proper fitting last can greatly improve the wearing experience. To meet such demand, A950 is created as VICTOR’s first shoe that comes with three kinds of lasts—Standard (S), Wide (W), and Female (F). With more choices other than the Standard last, players with wider forefeet or female with narrower foot width can all find the best fitting A950 from different last shapes. A950 features classic black and white, and the Female last also comes in Neon Virtual Pink.

A950 inherits the comfortable shoe sole from A960, which includes Feather Resilient EVA, ENERGY MAX3.0 and NEO DUPLEX, to achieve lightweightness, shock-absorption, resilience, and stability. The multidirectional grooves further help fast movement change in all directions. It is the elaborate design of the sole and the excellent choice of material that brings A950 a harmonizing comfort.



The Danish Men's Singles player Anders Antonsen, who is rigorous in his selection of equipment, was impressed by the comfortable fit and flexibility of A950 when he took part in the product testing in Taiwan. After trying on for training and competing in tournaments, Antonsen acclaimed that A950 is the most comfortable badminton shoes he’s ever had. Greysia Polii, an Indonesian Women’s Doubles player, was also surprised by A950F.“It is a pair of ready-to-go competitive badminton shoes. It doesn’t need to take much time to get used to it,” she added.



Whether it’s the choice of material, last shapes, or shoe sole, all A950 does is bring you the ultimate comfort and meet every professional's needs. What are you waiting for?