VICTOR Launches Innovative End Cap
Taking Lightweightness to the Next Level


By Louis Yang, VICTOR Racket Development Department


Located on the bottom of a badminton racket, the end cap is often neglected but plays a key role in every swing. Many amateur and professional badminton players love to customize the end cap the way they like. The most common way is to make it “thicker” so the little finger can easily hold on to the racket, preventing it from slipping out.



From structure to material selection, the VICTOR R&D team has put in great effort to develop the innovative lightweight end cap. The ingenious hollow structure attracts people's attention right away. Let's take a closer look!

1. Weight: Weighing only 2.4 grams, it's lighter by 40% than previous end caps. The lightweightness leaves more room for the R&D team to adjust the racket's weight allocation parameter and meet the specifications more precisely.

2. Material: For greater strength, the new end cap is built with ABS plastic, a terpolymer that's composed of three kinds of materials with different properties. The ABS plastic not only possesses amazing dimensional stability, but it's also 2 times stronger than the original model, carrying out outstanding durability, resilience, and stiffness even with the special hollow design.

3. Handling experience: With the stiff material and special hollow design, some may be worried that it'll be harder to get used to the racket. But after continuous improvement and testing, it's been widely recognized that the stiffness does not affect the hitting experience at all.

The brand new lightweight end cap has already been adopted to TK-F C enhanced edition used by Tai Tzu Ying, playing an invisible yet key role in VICTOR's racket lines.