Faster Than the Fastest! JS-12 II Helps Win Each Battle in a Flash


Let’s throw back to 2016 — it was the time when VICTOR launched the Speed series racket JS-12 and helped many players achieve incredible feats. After that, JS-12F and JS-12N had been subsequently introduced to the series. Now the JS-12 family can be seen everywhere on the court at ordinary times or even in the international tournaments.


With the advance of time, VICTOR decides to bring a brand new life to the JETSPEED S 12 series this year—the latest JETSPEED S 12 II is thus born. In continuation to the series’ classic concept of speed, the new racket has been innovated from the inside out to make each swing fast as lightning and help win each battle in a flash!



The success of a racket relies on how easy to handle and comfortable the racket is. To achieve that, JS-12 II is designed with a lightweight 6.6mm shaft, which is 8% lighter than the previous 6.8mm shaft and also reduces the wind resistance by 2.9%. The strength of the frame is also improved by 17.5% with the help from NANOFORTIFY TR+ material.



The material property of PYROFIL greatly enhances the overall elasticity. What’s more, the FREE CORE synthetic handle technology is integrated into the high-end Speed series racket for the very first time, making the hitting more stable and comfortable.



JS-12 II has an eye-catching painting, matches perfectly with the streamline watermark sticker, and even delivers a stronger sense of speed. The style setting of “easy swinging and comfortable hitting” further makes it a distinctive Speed racket. Having been through years of growth and evolution, as well as the integration of material and technology, JS-12 II not only bears the spirit of speed, but also ignites our inner passion!