On the court he is perfection, but leaving his stardom behind, he is just a neighborhood kid who lives to his fullest potential and he will tell you about his private side.
V : After winning only the bronze medal in the London grand sporting event of 2012, you must be unsatisfied with that result ?
I regret deeply that I have only achieved this result because attending the event means winning the gold. But now, I have forgotten about this and since it has already happened, I can only remember this experience and its lessons and work harder in future competitions.
V : Which part do you think went wrong during the competition? How will you adjust yourself before the next game?
During the course of this game, the major problem was that the Danish player had cracked our defenses. Therefore, in future competitions, except for strengthening our defenses, we hope to defeat the other team with more fierce attacks. I believe that in the Brazil 2016, my skills will be even more mature and will get even better results.
V : From the “Sung-Yong combination” to the “Hyun- Yong combination,” you are now partners with Ko Sung- Hyun, is there anything you would like to say to your partner?
When I was partnered with Jung Jae-Sung, we were more passive/aggressive players after serving, but Ko Sung-Hyun and I are more assertive. Even though now we are lacking some implicit recognition, I hope that we can enhance this part and become the perfect combination.
V : How will you develop a tacit understanding with each other to play to each other’s characteristics and strengths?
It took more than 2 years to slowly develop a connection with Jung Jae-Sung, but with Ko Sung-Hyun, I think we will use our game experiences to communicate and shorten the time so we can have an even deeper understanding with each other. 
Lee Yong Dae/Ko Sung Hyun
V : I noticed that you have a winning pose between you and Jung Jae-Sung, do you ever think about inventing new one with Ko Sung-Hyun?
The winning pose with Jung Jae-Sung is a natural display when we have reached a tacit understanding with each other. Right now, I haven’t discussed this with Ko Sung-Hyun, but maybe we will have one later, and let’s give the audience something to wait for.

V : What do you think is the most effective points-winning attack? What’s your most confident attack?
Because we are playing men’s doubles right now, the most important thing is to win with the first 3 shots, so the return of the serve is very important. For me, the best attack is to win points with the first 3 shots and usually we will get good results with confidence.
V : Which racket is your favorite?
I like rackets that emphasize speed, with a heavier racket head for a much easier and more powerful smash.
V : How do you choose your racket? What’s your suggestion for beginners?
My advice for beginners is to choose a racket that will not cause any injury based on my own experience, so a racket that is not too stiff will be more suitable for beginners.
V : What function do you think a pair of professional badminton footwear must have?
Before, I chose based on colors, but now, I focus more on comfort, which relieves the burden on my feet. My priorities now are the rebound abilities and stability when stepping down.
V : What is your plan for your athletic career and self-expectations?
The most important thing right now is the Brazil grand sporting event and I will be 28 when I finish competing in 2016. I have thought about quitting the national team and compete only in domestic competitions. But if there are good chances in other countries, I am willing to go and become a coach. 
Bring it !!
V : You are usually dressed in sportswear, how do you dress privately?
A suit is something I don’t really wear, I like a more casual style, so shirts and jeans are what I wear most often privately.
V : Everyday seems to be training and competitions for you, have you ever thought of quitting?
I didn’t think it was tiring when I was young, but after 2 grand sporting events, especially the one this year, I would like to take at least 3 months of rest, but the coach wouldn’t let me.
At that time, I thought about quitting and trying something else, but this thought only lasted a short time because badminton is my favorite sport and it is not something to just give up. I hope to give myself 4 more years and deliver a beautiful score.
V : How do you readjust yourself mentally and physically for the next game every time a game ends?
The games are usually very long, and if you make it to the finals, time will pass very fast. If not, then the entire game becomes a waiting game. The waiting to me is very arduous, but if that is the case, then I will choose to stay in the country and compete.
V : What would you like to say to the fans that have supported you all this way?
Of course, I would like to thank all those that have supported me. When I fly to different countries for games, I would see fans from different countries all over the world support me on the court. This surprises me a lot and makes me very thankful. Listening to their warm cheering gives me great energy and makes me want to perform better for them.
V : Any suggestions and encouragement for new players?
The suggestion I have for new players is that I hope they can adjust their mental state and look at badminton as the most important thing in their life so they can continue on with determination and hard work.
V : What kind of results do you hope to achieve in the Brazil grand sporting event 4 years later? Is there anything you would like to say to yourself 4 years later?
Usually I take about 2 years to think about things because I know how all the hardships in badminton. You can only have a good score if you work harder and harder. To myself 4 years later, I think I would like to say: Good efforts! I would like to thank myself for the determination and hard work. You have finally made it and now it is time to take a break! 
Lee Yong Dae/Ko Sung Hyun
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