Return to the Court! Clinch Victory with ARS-100X


VICTOR's AURASPEED 100X is staging a comeback in the spring and summer of 2022! The innovative Shaft Recovery System is once again adopted here to facilitate recovery and reinforce the foundation of shaft. The FREE CORE synthetic handle lays a basis of smooth handling experience, and the addition of POWER RING further enables more continuous and powerful attacks! Team VICTOR World Champion Mohammad Ahsan and Wang Tzu Wei both choose AURASPEED 100X as their match rackets for the season 2022.
VICTOR's AURASPEED series is famous for the high elasticity, speed, and explosive hitting power. ARS-90S was launched in 2019 with an innovative introduction of WES shaft technology to make the angle of the shot even more tricky to return; at the end of that year, ARS-90K hit the market soon after and brought with it a shaft built with not only WES but also the VICTOR Anti-Torsion System to achieve both speedy and sturdy hitting feel.
With a suffix of X, ARS-100X is an all-round flagship Speed racket focuses more on the continuity between each shot, perfectly combing the technical features of AURASPEED series with the innovative technology. The translucent front cap and end cap allow for a peek into the secret behind the new technology POWER RING and the structure of FREE CORE, making ARS-100X a silent yet aggressive racket.
As for the overall configuration, ARS-100X is built with the classic DYNAMIC-SWORD frame from the AURASPEED series and a highly elastic and anti-torsion stiff shaft. The balanced weight distribution of the racket makes the swing weight light, fast, yet stable, and enables ARS-100X to make stable and accurate flat drives and continuous attacks with powerful and aggressive momentum.
The Shaft Recovery System built in ARS-100X uses high-modulus carbon fiber to help the shaft release its elasticity and recover faster, with recovery ability improved by 3% and force transmission improved by 4%. The perfect integration with the POWER RING and FREE CORE technologies not only facilitates smooth and fast swings, but also delivers a solid hitting experience with incredible rebound effect. Comfortable, stable, and powerful, ARS-100X is now here to help you take down the opponent and win!
Since the introduction of VICTOR Anti-Torsion System in THRUSTER F, the hitting feedback brought by the highly anti-torsion shaft has received wide acclaim. ARS-100X further integrates the VICTOR Anti-Torsion System with the high tensile strength and lightweight PYROFIL carbon fiber to achieve easy defense, agile adjustment of shuttle's course, and speedy change from defense to attack.
As stated above, ARS-100X delivers an outstanding performance in continuous swings and versatile control, making each unexpected play more precise and sturdy—totally redefining the look of AURASPEED series. In the process of testing, users at different levels all noticed the quick rebound during flat rallies and continuous attacks. Featuring SRS, VICTOR Anti-Torsion System, POWER RING, and FREE CORE, ARS-100X demonstrates a unique style that incorporates rigidity with flexibility, like a cobra lurking in the dark and waiting quietly to win the victory in the twinkling of an eye.
Particularly suitable for players who are pursuing both precise and versatile shots,  ARS-100X is here to help you build up energy and clinch victory!