Sail into the Grand Line of Badminton! Join the adventure with VICTOR | ONE PIECE


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved Japanese anime ONE PIECE, VICTOR is  launching a new collection featuring the anime. The Straw Hat Crew are now dressed in and equipped with badminton apparel and equipment to extend their reach from the ocean to the badminton court! VICTOR | ONE PIECE has officially hit the market in August, taking you on a journey to the "Grand Line of badminton" in an inspirational and positive vibe!
VICTOR Partners with ONE PIECE to Launch Badminton Items 
Centering on the classic ONE PIECE elements, VICTOR | ONE PIECE develops specific products for each member of the Straw Hat Crew. The new collection comprises 21 items from badminton rackets to shoes, accompanied by accessories including bucket hats, T-shirts, sport socks, backpacks, sandals, sport towels, wristbands, and more. Boasting the charm of ONE PIECE, these items are definitely must-haves for anime fans who also love badminton!
Inspired by Zoro's Three Sword Style, VICTOR | ONE PIECE Rackets Are Full of Details
The collection includes three badminton rackets inspired by Zoro's Three Sword Style and named after his swords Enma, Wado Ichimonji, and Kitetsu III. These rackets are respectively designed as the Power, Speed, and All-Around series based on the swords. Enma, the one with the powerful attack, is designed as a Power racket. Wado Ichimonji, the Excellent Grade Swords, is designed as a Speed racket for its implication of sharpness. Kitetsu III, known as a Cursed Sword which is believed that only the greatest swordsman can master, is designed as an All-Around racket for both attack and defense. The three rackets not only provide the players with different handling experience, but also come in exclusive racket boxes and bags. More design ingenuity can be found in the boxes of the three rackets, which can be put together to form a full picture. 
VICTOR Releases Luffy and Sanji Badminton Shoes with Their Classic Images
VICTOR | ONE PIECE badminton shoes integrate the iconic colors of Luffy and Sanji with VICTOR's A670 to provide the badminton enthusiasts with a lightweight wearing experience brought by the curved sole design. The "Luffy" version is designed based on the colors of red/yellow and features toe caps printed with Luffy's scar. The tongues and woven tags on the heels are subtly designed with the image of Luffy's straw hat. The "Sanji" version blends fiery orange and black to cleverly reinterpret Sanji's Black Leg Style. The details include the cigarette images on the tongues and Sanji's heart eyes on the woven tags. 
VICTOR | ONE PIECE Apparel and Accessories Features the Members of Straw Hat Crew
In addition to badminton products, VICTOR is also launching a series of ONE PIECE accessories, including sport towels, wristbands, sport socks, and more. If you are a ONE PIECE fan, join us this summer to embark on an exciting adventure with VICTOR | ONE PIECE!
VICTOR | ONE PIECE collection will be available in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.