Mastering Swift and Dominant Attack Plays with AURASPEED 90K METALLIC


YANG HSUAN CHI, Racket R&D Department

Combining the swift characteristics of the AURASPEED series with a dominant attacking style, AURASPEED 90K METALLIC is crafted based on the wooden handle design of the ARS-90K and further enhanced with innovative Metallic Carbon Fiber technology, emerging as VICTOR's first Metallic Carbon Fiber Speed racket ever. This exceptional racket has played a key role in the success of Danish men's singles player Anders Antonsen, helping him clinch championships at the Malaysia Open, Indonesia Masters, and European Championships.



With its heavy racket head and DYNAMIC-SWORD frame crafted with Metallic Carbon Fiber technology, ARS-90K METALLIC enables fast and smooth swings, and delivers direct and elastic serves with crisp force transmission.The integration of a stiff shaft with VICTOR's Anti-torsion System and Whipping Enhance System elevates swing stability and achieves sharper downward angles.



"The ARS-90K METALLIC delivers powerful and sturdy hits, swift serves and swings, as well as stable returns. It enables me to consistently execute high-quality attack plays," shared Anders Antonsen.



The color scheme of the ARS-90K METALLIC features subtle accents of Pale Turquoise. The incorporation of Metallic Carbon Fiber has elevated the attacking capabilities of the AURASPEED series to new heights, facilitating swifter and crisper serves for unstoppable swift and dominant attack plays.