The opening ceremony of the final of the 3rd VICTOR “Double Heroes”


The opening ceremony for the 3rd "Double Heroes" - China Amateur Mixed Doubles Team Invitational Finals was held at 13:00 at Xuelian Stadium in Wuhan, China on June 22. 2013.
VICTOR雙雄會 裁判人員
Professional referee!
16 teams with a total of 128 players that overcame stiff competition to qualify from the 585 teams and almost 5000 players entered in the competition’s seven qualifying heats, took part in the opening ceremony alongside the judges invited by the organizers.
Competition was intense as the seven heats of the 3rd VICTOR Double heroes finals, the Central China, Northwest, North, Southwest, Northeast, East and South heats were held in succession. The qualifying teams were welcomed at Xuelian Stadium, Wuhan, today. The opening ceremony was opened by an exciting dance performance by a six- member girl dance group wearing fashionable VICTOR badminton clothes, getting the event off to a brilliant start.
Next, player and judge representatives took an oath and the head of the judges formally announced the start of the tournament, bringing the opening ceremony to a successful end.
VICTOR雙雄會 決賽隊伍
The team members are waiting for the opening of the FINALS !!
VICTOR雙雄會 決賽開幕式
An opening dance of the ceremony.
VICTOR雙雄會 選手代表宣誓
The representative of players.
The representative of players.
The representative of Head judges.
The opening dance - 2
VICTOR 雙雄會 2013
The opening dance - 3

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