WINNERS of 【Celebrate with VICTOR & WIN!】


Finally, here are the winners of 【Celebrate with VICTOR & WIN!】!
VICTOR Racket - BRAVE SWORD 12 x 1 
ดช. คชษร ชอบตีแบด
Selected VICTOR Stars Limited Edition Autographed Jersey x 10 
Simon Ken Lund
Budi Murphy
Karen Chin
Ross Hughes
Ploiiz Nopphawan
Jessica Poh
Blaze Ooi
Huy Nguyen
Elena Alexandra Diordiev
SH-A850 Limited edition towel x 20
Thanakarn Kwangchuchai
Antony Lam
Luan Nguyen
Luke Wang
Kelvin Jeng
Ivan Jhansen 
Sharath Cv
Sammy Ma
Lin Tan (Fu Hai Feng)
Chua Wey Lin
Andy Ng Aik Tshong
Stanley Chong
Daniël Postuma
Danzel Thad Ermac Boiser
Paulo Dave Dela Cruz
Pham Quang Huy
Mohamad Haniffa
David Yapary
Taufik Taufik
If your Name is in the list, please check your Facebook Message Inbox and read the confirmation letter from us!
Thank you all for your participation & patience. Please stay tuned for our next event ~ the next winner might be you!
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