VICTOR JETSPEED S 9 Breaks the Limits and Challenges Top Speed


In 2014, VICTOR launches brand new JETSPEED S series. The combination of NANO FORTIFY and ZXION technology makes the racket lighter and achieves greater smoothness. 

This season, VICTOR further introduces JETSPEED S 9, a top racket built by PYROFIL and NANO FORTIFY. With the application of these two advanced technologies in the shaft and racket frame, JETSPEED S 9 is going to be the most resilient racket, bringing consumers a one-of-a-kind experience.


PYROFIL Makes Each Move Easier and Agiler

The PYROFIL™ carbon fiber and its composite materials are high-performance materials developed by Mitsubishi Rayon's macromolecular science and technology. The outstanding features make PYROFIL the best choice in the sectors of industry and sports . JETSPEEDS S 9 is equipped with PYROFIL in the shaft to increase the flexural strength and the power of each hit. PYROFIL not only improves the power transmission along the shaft, but also enables players to swiftly attack and easily strike back.




NANO FORTIFY Lightens the Racket and Improves Smoothness

In order to highlight the flexibility and lightness of JETSPEED S 9, VICTOR applies the NANO FORTIFY technology to the frame, reducing the weight of rackets yet still maintaining the speed. The lightweight racket makes each swing much smoother and more flexible to control.

The introduction of the super lightweight JETSPEED S 9 badminton rackets is going to sweep the court and give consumers the sense of speed and strength they have ever experienced, helping them dominate every game!

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