VICTOR JETSPEED S 10 Top Speed Eclipse Raid


VICTOR reaches the new heights in 2015 further introducing JETSPEED S 10, the highest-end of JETSPEED S series. Built with two cutting-edge technologies of PYROFIL and NANO FORTIFY, along with specialized small racket frame and thin shaft, JETSPEED S 10 is gifted with lightweight and sharp racket-handling experience.

VICTOR badminton racket JETSPEED S 10


PYROFIL Integrated with SHARK TEC

Lightweight and thin shaft accelerates each swing

JETSPEED S 10 is equipped with highly-resilient PYROFIL to strengthen the force of repulsion in the shaft. The stability and shock-absorption property of PYROFIL provides a better force transference along the racket. PYROFIL lightens the rackets by 10% while remaining the high quality and intensity, providing JETSPEED S 10 an ideal 6.8mm thin shaft with lightweight and better power-transmission.

SHARK TEC, the unique feature of all JETSPEED S series, is not only applied to the four major windswept areas, but also adopted in the shaft for the first time, highly reducing the air resistance, accelerating each hit, and highlighting the agility and speediness of JETSPEED S 10.  

VICTOR badminton racket JETSPEED S 10


NANO FORTIFY Engineered with Smaller frame size

Swing made simple with more concentrated power

With the smallest frame ever, JETSPEED S 10 accomplishes both swiftness and powerful attacks. The frame of JETSPEED S 10 is engineered with NANO FORTIFY, the ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, lightening the rackets by 11.6%. Large extent bending is now a cinch, and the strength of each swing can now be completely transferred. The frame of JETSPEED S 10 is smaller by 6% than ordinary rackets, which is also the smallest frame among all VICTOR rackets, making each swing action forceful and achieving the best maneuverability ever.

VICTOR badminton racket JETSPEED S 10


Tsai Chia Hsin and Chen Hung Ling, who once ranked world’s top five in men’s doubles and mixed doubles, participated in the 2014 Incheon Asian Games with JETSPEED S 10 and received bronze medal in men's team for Chinese Taipei. Engineered with PYROFIL and NANO FORTIFY, JETSPEED S 10 is created to accomplish resilient shaft, concentrated sweet spots, and firmness in hands, fulfilling both stable attacking shots and agile counter-attack, overwhelming all opponents on the court!

Lee Sheng Mu and Tsai Chia Hsin

VICTOR STAR Tsai Chia Hsin (right) equipped with VICTOR JS-10 in 2014 China Open.


VICTOR badminton racket JETSPEED S 10
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