Master the beat of the game and feel the airy steps in the lightness of SH-S80 Speed Shoes! Designed specifically to achieve speed the brevity, this brand new model of 2015 is the lightest of weight of the shoe collection.


Light Resilient EVA

Thanks to Light Resilience EVA midsole, SH-S80 achieves exceptional lightness. This material that offers upgraded resilience of 5% and 16% better durability.  The lessened weight of 19% reduces the burdens on muscles to enable its wearer to move more rapidly.

Maximal comfort with ENERGYMAX 3.0

A buffer cushion is added at theheel between the midsole and the cushion for improved shock absorption and resilience, enabling maximal comfort for the foot.  The outsole area uses the brand VSR Anti-Slip material to enhance slip resistance by 21%. 

Light vs Bright

Speed is redefined with VICTOR SH-S80, where bright, eye-catching color chunks meet metallic adornments and sleekness, in absolute lightness.

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