VICTOR 2015 “READY TO WIN” Campaign Launched


4 countries, 9 Superseries winners, 4 World Champions, and 1 faith, “READY TO WIN".
VICTOR is running “READY TO WIN” for 2015, an integrated advertising campaign, recognizing athletes who stand out with champion quality inside-out with not just techniques and performance that put them on top of the badminton world, but a mindset that embraces the thrill of new challenges and strives to work harder and harder for victories.
VICTOR’s push to become the champion’s choice is promoted in the centered 30-second commercial (along with a full length 3-minute version) through a variety of training exercises, playing and competing, featuring 9 players from 4 countries, including Olympic champion Lee Yong Dae, three-time World Champion Liliyana Natsir, her 2013 World Championship-winning partner and three-time All England titlist Tontowi Ahmad, World Champion Ko Sung Hyun, World No.1 Yoo Yeon Seong, Commonwealth Games gold medalist Ashwini Ponnappa, and singles major winners Son Wan HoSung Ji Hyun, and Tai Tzu Ying.
The “READY TO WIN” film shows how the players devote themselves in their everyday work to get “ready to win” with their own voice and past winning moments appearing in the background. While each athlete demonstrates one different part of the training course they have to go through in their daily routines, they are all connected by a unifying desire for success and greatness.
This is the best and biggest line-up ever VICTOR has put up compared to the previous campaigns, and a photoshoot was done, meanwhile, for the 2015 spring/summer collection, with a release of an all-star 2015 brand advertisement. The “READT TO WIN” concept provides more than just a brand mentality that supports the company in the 46-year history and its players; it is also a motto that goes beyond the boundaries of sports, countries, and faiths.
The campaign will be online on an exclusive page. Now watch the badminton stars cast their magic not just on court, but on a film set.
【Go behind-the-scenes of the video shoot!】
Lee Yong Dae, VICTOR, ready to win, Ashwini Ponnappa, Tai Tzu Ying
VICTOR launches 2015 "READY TO WIN" campaign.
Lee Yong Dae, VICTOR, ready to win, Ashwini Ponnappa, Tai Tzu Ying
Ponnappa – 2014 Common Wealth Games Silver Medalist
Liliyana Natsir, Tontowi Ahmad,  VICTOR, ready to win
Natsir/Ahmad – Year 2012-2014 All England Open 3-Peat

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