HYPERNANO X 900:Dominate the Game with Perfect Offense-Defense



Equipped with the innovative NANO FORTIFY TR material to build a resilient yet sturdy frame, HX-900 not only has the anti-torsion performance been improved, the attack and defense strength has also been further advanced, making HX-900 truly an ideal racket for dominate players with aggressive style.



HX-900 VS HX-800:

HX-900 EXERCISE Performance

Greater power, elasticity, and anti-torsion performance. The effect and accuracy of each shot is further advanced.

HX-900 STABILITY Performance

Advanced frame, greater shock-absorption, and enhanced anti-torsion. The stability of each shot as well as the comfort and durability of the racket are largely reinforced.

HX-900 COMPREHENSIVE Performance

Heavier head enables aggressive attacks all-around. The innovative NANO FORTIFY TR material enables perfect shot-making with elasticity and resilience. Better anti-torsion performance on the shaft which makes shots more stable. The frame structure is optimized to achieve better strength. The combination of NANO FORTIFY TR and HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY achieves great shock-absorption and helps more precise.


World No.4 Son Wan Ho defeated Lee Chong Wei and Viktor Axelsen in Dubai World Superseries Finals with HX-900.

Korean women’s doubles Shin Seung Chan and Jung Kyung Eun won VICTOR 2016 Korea Masters Championships title with HX-900.


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