Use Cushion Wrap to create a unique personalized racket!

【Text/Johan】VICTOR has always been focused on bringing out highly specialized products, and turning the equipment and accessories used by professional players  into products that can be used by everyday players so that badminton players everywhere can have “professional grade” enjoyment. GR-50 Cushion Wrap is one of these professional accessories that have been made available for ordinary players.  
cushion wrap
cushion wrap
cushion wrap
In recent years cushion wrap has been widely used by high level players. GR-50 Cushion Wrap was developed by VICTOR in 2013 and comes in three colors. Now, the origins of cushion wrap and how it is used will be introduced in brief.
Cushion wrap’s origins
Cushion wrap is a thin film that was initially used to provide protection for sports injuries, serving as a protective layer between the skin and the plaster to prevent the fixed plaster and skin coming directly into contact. As it was often skin colored it was also called “skin film.” 
As cushion wrap is made of PU and has good stretchability and soft feel, gradually players began to use it to adjust the feel of the racket grip, with players usually removing the existing inner grip and then wrapping cushion wrap around the racket  grip to adjust texture and hold feel.
How to use cushion wrap:
Cushion Wrap_102301
1. Remove the inner grip tape and remove as much of the glue from it as you can.
Cushion Wrap_102302
2. According to personal width and hold feel preference, wrap a suitable amount of cushion wrap around the handle.
Cushion Wrap_1023033. Then wrap outer grip tape or towel grip tape around the grip. In just three simple steps you can customize your racket handle!
Function of cushion wrap:
1. Adjusts the width of the grip.
2. Makes holding the racket more comfortable.
3. Adjusts the balance point of the racket.
4. Easy to change, hygienic (we suggest cushion wrap is changed regularly to keep the handle clean and comfortable to hold.)
Another function:When a sports injury occurs it acts as a barrier between the skin and plaster.
After getting to know the characteristic of GR-50 Cushion Wrap and how it is used you no longer have to be bothered by a racket that’s uncomfortable to hold or that is too thin/thick! Want to adjust the hold feel of your racket and create a unique personalized racket? VICTOR recommends GR-50 Cushion Wrap, a specialized accessory that will give you “professional grade” enjoyment as well as let you experience the fun of adjusting the hold feel of your racket grip.
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