The secret to lengthening the life of shuttlecocks-steaming

Anyone who plays badminton for a long time will know that the price of rackets and shoes can be high, but, if you buy VICTOR’s high quality badminton equipment it can usually be used for quite a long time. Some players who take good care of their racket can use it for three to five years without a problem.   
steam shuttlecocks
The equipment needed to steam shuttlecocks:a kettle, shuttlecock tube (with lids,) the number of shuttlecocks needed for use the next day 
Shuttlecocks, on the other hand, wear out quite quickly because as soon as a single feather splits or breaks it will probably affect how the shuttlecock flies, making it wobble as it goes through the air. Some low quality shuttlecocks, even if the feathers are complete, will fly too slowly and not far enough after being used for a while because of the thinning of the feathers as they are used more and more and will probably have to be discarded. In light of this situation, how to extend the life of shuttlecocks has become a question that many badminton players have researched. 
The principle behind steaming shuttlecocks:
Steaming is one of the most effective current methods for increasing the durability of shuttlecocks and has the added advantage of being low cost. Some player live in dry areas and the weather conditions indirectly lead to the drying out of shuttlecock feathers. When hit, these dry shuttlecocks feathers lack resilience and can easily break. Steaming shuttlecocks involves using steam to directly increase the moistness of the feathers and this resolves the dryness problem. 
Shuttlecocks that have been steamed are softer and split or break less easily. In particular, in dry places or in low temperatures in winter, the effects of steaming will be more obvious. There are specialized shuttlecock steamers in the market that increase the use life of shuttlecocks and, if the reduction in the rate at which shuttlecocks are used is taken into account,the price isn’t too high. But, if you don’t have a steamer, never mind, there is another way you can steam shuttlecocks DIY and achieve the same benefits. Below we will how you how to steam shuttlecocks without a steamer: 
Steaming steps:

1. Before steaming, first identify which end of the tube is the exit mouth and which the entry mouth. The end at which the shuttlecock heads can be seen is the exit mouth.

ShuttlecockFront End
MasterBack End
2. Place the shuttlecocks that are needed for next day’s play in the tube (choose one with an aluminum foil lining)
3. Prepare a kettle full of just-boiled water or use a thermos flask/cup and fill it with hot water. Open the front and back ends of the tube and place the entry mouth above the kettle or thermos flask/cup and let the steam rise into the tube (steam for about 30 secs.)
Steam shuttlecockLet steam enter through the entry mouth and leave through the exit mouth.
Badminton ShuttlecockPut the lids on and leave in place for 12 hours and then they can be used.
4. When steam begins to rise out of the exit mouth, move the tube away horizontally and then quickly put the lid back on the exit mouth and entry mouth to prevent the steam escaping. 
5. Finally, leave with head up and feathers down  for 12 hours, after which time the job is done.
Points for attention:
  • Don’t steam the shuttlecocks for too long to prevent the cork being damaged. Seal the tube as soon as you see steam rising from the exit mouth (it is suggested steaming time should not exceed one minute)
  • In moist seasons don’t steam shuttlecocks to avoiding making them too heavy and affecting their flight.
  • Use the shuttlecocks that have been steamed as quickly as you can. In other words, only steam the number you need for the next day’s play.
  • The kettle/thermos flask or cup used for steaming shuttlecocks should not be used to boil or hold water for drinking or use in food afterwards
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