BR690LTD racket bag-A bag with the quality feel of a luxury bag!

【Text/Diana】The BR690ACE 12-racket rectangular racket bag is the VICTOR SUPREME flagship bag supplied to national team level players for use in top competitions. However, sharp-eye badminton fans will have noticed that, in the second half of 2013, VICTOR stars have been sporting a new ,even more eye-catching bag, at events. This is the upgraded version of the BR690ACE, the BR690LTD.


The BR690LTD 12-racket rectangular racket bag

In the past, function was the feature of a racket that most importance was attached to. The BR690ACE has an added fashion feel that allows players to exude unprecedented charm while they focus on their game. In 2013Q3, VICTOR has brought out the BR690LTD, using specially selected material that gives a high quality feel, making the bag more eye-catching and also giving it a value-feel that is comparable to luxury brand bags.

The BR690LTD retains the rectangular shape and functional design of the BR690ACE and boldly uses a large area of red PVC to color the bag, on the one hand increasing the durability and protection of the bag and, on the other, using the light reflectiveness that is a quality of PVC to increase bag value feel.

BR690LTD VS BR690ACE, comparison of specifications

Product name BR690LTD BR690ACE
Main colors Red and white Red and black / red and purple / white and blue
Max.capacity 12 racket rectangular bag 12 racket rectangular bag
Use level Used by national team players Used by national team players
edition Limited edition Classic edition
material Large area of PVC leather Large area of polyester fabric
weight 1.2 kg 1 kg

The above table shows that the BR690LTD is, like the BR690ACE, a premier bag that is supplied to national team level professionals; it is also limited edition, making it more precious.

To let the BR690LTD meet the requirement of a premier bag, the designers chose to use PVC which is relatively heavy and has a relatively hard feel as the material; as well as giving it a high quality look, this move also increased the bag’s ability to protect the racket it will carry.

  • Durability: PVC material has the properties of good dirt resistance and cleanability, so when the player carries their attractive racket bag onto the court they don’t need to worry it will easily become dirty. All that’s need is to lightly rub the bag with a damp cloth to keep it clean and at the same time increase it lifespan.
  • Protection: PVC material is relatively thick and hard, properties that are ideal for strengthening the structure of the bag! Some softer racket bags will subside when they are put down, but owners of the BR690LTD won’t have to worry about this. Also, even if the racket bag lightly collides with another object (such as another racket bag, the floor, a wall) the strong outer layer of the bag will give good protection to the rackets inside.)
  • Value feel: PVC material has a luster which gives the bag an attractive sheen. Under the lights of the tournament venue or badminton hall it will undoubtedly catch the eye.

BR690LTD close-up



Shoulder pad Handle

The BR690LTD is a racket bag that stands out in terms of appearance and functionality, and it has already been chosen as the designated bag by the ROK and Chinese Taipei teams.

Chinese Taipei badminton player - Tai Tzu Ying Korea badminton player - Lee Yong Dae

The BR690LTD’s thoughtful design includes: removable strap, multi function compartments in the front bag, moveable compartments, and studs on the bottom.

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