Professionals only! A day in the life of a professional stringer (1)

Stringing is a skill, and an art
Stringing is a skill, and an art

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Top players often travel around the world to take part in open tournaments. Winning depends on not just daily arduous and monotonous training and precise on court guidance from their coach, but also on equipment that helps them play to their potential. In terms of equipment whether or not a racket feels right when used in play is something that matters a lot to both professionals and amateur players!

Racket strings are the factor that most affects racket feel when the shuttlecock is hit. In general, players with stronger wrist strength like higher string poundage (tight strings) allowing faster and more cunning shots to be played in matches; however stringing high poundage strings is more difficult than lower poundage so, to ensure stringing quality, players will enlist the help of a “tournament grade” stringer.

Some people might think that the stringers seen at the tournament venue are the only stringers who serve players playing in a tournament, however, they are only they ones provided by the tournament sponsor.

Other stringers will set up a stringing room in a suitable place near the venue; it could be a nearby badminton equipment shop or an office rented for a short time, however, more often than not, a room is taken at the hotel where the players are staying and stringing carried out there; this provides players with convenient and timely stringing service and also, if the players have any opinions or questions regarding the racket or strings, they can easily go to discuss the matter with the stringer.

Professional stringers busily at work
Professional stringers busily at work
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