【by Diana, VICTOR Footwear Product R&D

Strengthening the stable performance but using soft and comfortable fabrics, and hoping to combine functions with completely different appearance, is such badminton shoe feasible? VICTOR's latest All-round Type shoes A922 is ready to impact your senses with novel look and technology!


With the rapid change in trend and technology, VICTOR has been seeking breakthrough design ideas based on the feedback from general players. In the initial stage of A922 innovation, VICTOR identified the common functional needs of fit wrapping, soft soles, and comfortable upper─which is quite different from the previous emphasis on quick start, stable protection, and lightweight─to further developed the All-round Type badminton shoes.


A922 design details


A922 was developed based on above considerations. It’s VICTOR’s first time to apply DIGITKNIT technology to badminton shoes. On the one-piece upper, designers are able to unleash the creativity by interlacing and layering 60-degree diagonal lines with knitted fabric. It provides not only complete wrapping but also unique visual effects.


Instead of traditional leather, the upper of A922 is made of soft DIGITKNIT fabric with 20% of hot melt yarn, which helps the material to fit and support the foot better, while provides excellent tensile strength along with the interior structure. What’s more, the knitted fabric is more breathable than leather. All the efforts have been made to ensure the best comfortability.


Technologies of A922


To achieve incredible wear-resistance and durability, the exterior of the toe is made of V-Tough, which is also used in the inner toe, lateral forefoot, and both sides of lower ankle to provide support to those areas.


The Light Resilient EVA material is used for the midsole, soft yet resilient enough to withstand instant force. The Neo Duplex wedge heel offers stability and shock-absorption.


A922 present distinctive style of badminton shoes


With refreshing appearance and pure design, A922 has undergone repeated test and material and structural adjustment, striving to meet the demand for comfort, wrapping and stability of professional badminton shoes.


Less is more” is definitely an apt description for A922 as it seems simple stylistically yet sophisticated functionally. Different from the appearance and feel of those on the market, VICTOR presents the trend-setting experience with A922. Be sure to give a try!