“The new black” refers to the new trend and style of the moment. Although “Living Coral” is announced by color research authority Pantone as its 2019 Color of the Year, pink has become more popular and back to fashion actively. The following products propose possibilities to light up your style.



Pink is actually a general classification. It can be interpreted as light pink with delicate and tender tone. It can also be presented as dark pink with high saturation and texture. VICTOR specially sort out series products of “Dark Pink ft. Cool Black” to challenge low-key fashion with a bright color shine in the dark. It will overturn your imagination of male equipment!


# 2019 Tournament series T-90002TD Q

T-90002TD Q from 2019 Malaysia team tournament apparel features dark pink standing out from the black. The strong contrast easily brings out personal characteristics, and the gradient design is also impressive.


T-90002TD Q


# 2019 Backpack BR9008 Q

Black or dark clothing is absolutely indispensable in the closet. It would definitely be a plus if you can carry the backpack BR9008 Q with a large area of hot pink leather to highlight your strong personality!


BR9008 Q


# Badminton shoes A960 CQ

Launched at the end of 2018, A960 CQ adds lots of black elements contrary to the bag. The black shoe body is adorned with a deep pink color both on side upper and the outsole, showing distinguished and sophisticated style with the match.


A960 CQ


# VICTOR string VBS-63 Q

In addition to wearing pink, the string VBS-63 Q is also one of the chic accessories to choose from. The high chroma and translucent design of the color made each swing have extraordinary atmosphere. It’s especially suitable to go with dark-colored rackets.


VBS-63 Q


Do the combinations of "Dark Pink ft. Cool Black" inspire your interest? Make good use of various accessories, you can be outstandingly stylish as well with badminton equipment. Don't hesitate to present your own pink and black style!