VICTOR establishes a Thailand branch company


Internationally famous badminton brand  VICTOR has been active in the Thai market for almost 10 years. To further bring into play VICTOR”s international influence and increase sales in the Thai market, in May 2013 VICTOR established a Thailand branch company,  VICTOR SPORTS(THAILAND)CO.,LTD. 
The company is based on the THAI-CHINESE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE TOWER,THAI CC in Bangkok; it will be responsible for operating the VICTOR brand in the Thai market, announcing marketing strategy, promoting the VICTOR brand, and explaining its products and technologies, and will provide a full range of first-class badminton products for badminton lovers in Thailand and make a contribution to the development of the sport in Thailand.  
To become a distributor of VICTOR products, you are welcome to contact us and we can discuss about the detail of business cooperation.

Victor Sports (Thailand) Co., Ltd. 

ADD:No. 889, Thai CC Tower . Building, 7 Floor, Room no. 72, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa Sub-district, Sathorn . District, Bangkok Thailand 10120 .
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