China is WINNER, Korea becomes RUNNER-UP !!


The final of the Sudirman Cup 2013 was a duel between the two strongest doubles teams in the world- the ROK and China. Facing a China team made up mainly of London Olympics gold and silver medalists, the ROK players were unable to take the lead in any match and ended up losing 0-3, having to settle for a very respectable second place at this year’s Sudirman Cup.
Korea badminton team
China and the ROK have played each other in the final of the Sudirman Cup three times, with the ROK emerging victorious once and losing twice;this was their fourth meeting in the final. 
Ko Sung Hyun/ Kim Ha Na
Ko Sung Hyun/ Kim Ha Na in the FINAL of Sudirman Cup 2013
The first match of the final was the mixed doubles, with the ROK’s Ko Sung Hyun/ Kim Ha Na facing China’s world No. 11 pair Xu Chen/ Ma Jin. When the match began the Chinese pair took advantage of a slow start by Kim to target attacks at her, by doing so suppressing any attacking threat from the Korean pair;the Chinese pair went on to take the match 13-21,15-2. 
Lee Dong Guen
Lee Dong Guen has potential to be a well player
In the second match,the men’s singles, the ROK young star Lee Dong Guen was up against Chen Long. There was a clear gap in ability between the players but Lee attempted to make up the shortfall by trying his best and put in a performance he can be proud of, however his touch wasn’t delicate enough on occasion. He did put Chen under some pressure but never looked like he could take the match, going down in straight games 15-21、10-21. 
Lee Yong Dae/ Ko Sung Hyun
Ko Sung Hyun/ Lee Yong Dae swear to fight back in world championships 2013
The third match, the men’s doubles, saw the ROK’s top pair Ko Sung Hyun/ Lee Yong Dae up against China’s Qiu Zi Han/ Liu Xiao Long. Maybe because they were playing the deciding match, the ROK pair played cautiously and passively, while the Chinese were aggressive, trying to make very shot the best possible and not scared of making a mistake, and gathering more and more momentum as the match progressed. After a fierce 45 minute battle the ROK pair went down 19-21,17-21 to Qiu/ Liu
The ROK team has actually taken three titles and four second places in 13 Sudirman Cups, and has also reached the semi-final stage in the remaining years, maintaining a very high level of success in this tournament, and showing why they are regarded as the second most powerful national team in the world behind only China!
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