Attack racket with oval-shaped frame—COLUMBIA VI enables comfortable handling experience and smooth swings, best choice for middle-aged players as a classic nostalgic edition.

  1. Technologies

The box-shaped design effectively increases the stability and anti-torque, can stand higher string tension. 

The NANO TEC technology works by evenly distributing nano-sized particles in the vacant space between carbon fiber bundles, this highly increases the overall stiffness of the carbon composite fibers, and reduces the distortion of the frame.

PYROFIL carbon fiber and its composites, are advanced high-performance materials from Japan. The characteristic of high intensity bonds ultra-light offers racket excellent shock-absorption and enhances control.

Inspired by military helicopter, multi-layered structure made by carbon fiber and composites, minimize material size, reinforce handling feel and performance at a critical standard. 

Racket stability is optimized in the reinvented OVAL HEAD frame structure, minimizing the effect of wind resistance for easier energy conversion.