ARS-9000 C


2022 NEW
  1. Technologies
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Innovative technology combining the two popular frame structure SWORD and AERODYNAMIC, the AERO-SWORD can efficiently reduce air resistance and allowing a faster and greater hitback.

Designed by computer simulation and aided with the adoption of injection moulding technique, this revolutionized handle style allows the shaft to move more freely, which can not only make swings smoother but also improve overall handling experience.



Weight / Grip Size

4U / G5
5U / G5

String tension LBS

4U:≦30 lbs(13.5Kg)
5U:≦29 lbs(13Kg)

Frame Material

High Resilience Graphite + Nano Resin

Shaft Material

High Resilience Graphite + Nano Resin + 7.0 SHAFT